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Travel Apps for Perth and Western Australia

Finding your way around the vast space of Western Australia can be tough, we suggest a few handy travel apps to help you on your journey: Wikicamps This is one of the travel apps that I keep within my own repertoire of travel tools and have used a number of times in the past, whilst the user interface isn’t particularly visually appealing, the database itself is extensive and listings can be found for everything from roadside rest stops to formal caravan and camping parks. You’re able to search in map format, which is particularly useful if you don’t know exactly where you want to end up but have a general direction in mind. The open-source “wiki” style ensures that information is kept up-to-date and rating systems serve as a useful tool for deciding between different sites. There is a version for iPhone, android and even windows phones. Experience WA I’ve haven’t used this app extensively myself, but the interface looks neat and there is even an “inspire me” section if you’re unsure what you want to do, but know what you like.  Perth Travel Companion: Appy Travels have made a number of travel apps tailored for different cities around Australia. They feature guides, maps, weather, deals, and even twitter integration.

General Purpose Travel Apps:

Here’s a list of my favourite apps for more general travel needs: XE Currency: The best currency converter available and it’s totally free! Updates in real time when connected to wifi, but can be used offline as well. Tripadvisor: the behemoth of travel-related information sourcing. I’ve been using this one for years and some of my best restaurant/museum/attraction experiences have been found through this platform. Hostelworld: The world’s largest database of hostels, there’s an online portal too but the app itself is particularly easy to search and make a booking through through. Rome2Rio: Probably one of my favourite travel apps ever! The answer to the age-old traveller’s problem: is it better to fly, train, bus or drive? Rome2Rio analyses and presents the cheapest and/or quickest transport options between any two cities in the world! AirBnb: The “sharing economy” poster child has officially cemented itself as a very legitimate travel accommodation option. Whilst it isn’t always cheaper than the more traditional avenues, it almost always has a little extra quirk; there are a few gems to be found in every city. Skyscanner: Of all the flight finding services Skyscanner is probably still one of the best for landing a good deal, and the user-interface is easier to navigate. Google Translate: Even though they don’t currently offer an “Australian English” setting, translate is always a good tool to have on hand, but you’ll probably have to work out what “chook” and “barbie” mean yourself. Google Maps: Download the offline version of a city map before you get to your next destination and Google Maps is your best friend. It’s a the simplest, and probably cheapest, form of navigation available. Couchsurfing: This app rolled out a much-needed update of its app this year, drastically improving the user-interface, and whilst the true old-timers pine over the “good days” of couch surfing, the general increase in reach is probably a good thing.

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