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How old do I have to be to hire a car?

All drivers aged 25 to 75 inclusive are eligible for our Damage Cover.

Drivers aged 20 to 24 inclusive, are subject to an Age Excess charge of:
Hires less than 7 days: + $10 per day.
Hires 7+ days: + $7 per day.

Do you hire to “Provisional” Drivers?

No we do not accept provisional drivers licence. All drivers must have held their driver’s licence for 2 years or more to be eligible for our Damage Cover.

What driving licences do you accept?

We accept driving licences issued in all states of Australia, overseas and international driving permits. All driver’s licences must be current and valid.

As per Western Australian Road Regulations, holders of a driver’s licences not in English, must hold a current and valid international driving permit.

Also as per WA Road Regulations, if you are planning to drive in WA for longer than 3 consecutive months, you must apply for a WA driving licence.

You MUST supply your driving licence details to us when you collect a vehicle. Anyone who drives our hire vehicles must be nominated on the Rental Agreement prior to driving.

We allow 2 drivers to the nominated at no extra cost. If you wish to nominate additional drivers, a once of cost of $10 per driver applies. You can nominate another driver by coming into our office with their licence or by supplying their details over the phone or by email. Please note that any licences which are not valid will void any Damage Cover Agreement and you may be in trouble with WA Authorities.

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