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How can I collect and return a hire vehicle?

Standard procedure is to collect from and return to our offices, either Welshpool/ Perth Airport or Greenwood Office.

What happens when I collect from your Office?

We will complete the Rental Agreement (paperwork), payment, and inspect the vehicle with you.

What do I need to bring when I collect from your Office?

You will need your driving licence and your method of payment (e.g. credit card, debit card etc).

If you wish to nominate additional drivers, please bring their details with you too (you can also phone or email us at a later date during the hire with these details).

What happens when I return to your Office?

We will inspect the vehicle with you and finalise the Rental Agreement (including refund of the vehicle bond and your payment of any outstanding costs if applicable).

Can I collect from one of your office and return to a different Northside Rentals Office?

Yes, this is perfectly fine.

Can I return to your Office after business hours?

We do have special procedures in place for each office. Please contact us to discuss.

If I return after hours, will you charge me until the next business day?

No. However, if you return later than agreed, the appropriate additional rental costs apply.

Can I collect a vehicle after business hours?

We can usually arrange this for you. There is no additional cost. Please contact us to discuss.

Please note that all paperwork and payment must be finalised prior to your collection date/time.

Am I liable for the vehicle if I return after hours?

You are liable for the vehicle until we physically taken possession of the vehicle, so until we open on the next business day. It is the same if we leave a vehicle for you to collect after hours, i.e. we are liable until you physically take possession.

Do you offer airport delivery and/or retrieval?

We don’t have a service where you can collect or return a vehicle directly on Perth Airport’s premises.

However, our Welshpool branch offers free airport pick-up and drop-off during business hours, subject to availability. So we will personally pick-you up from the airport’s front door and bring you to our office to complete the hire procedure and/or we will personally drop you to the airport’s front door when you return the vehicle to us.

If your flight arrival and/or departure is outside of office hours, you can still collect from or return to our Welshpool office (8 mins from Perth Airport) but you will need to taxi to/from our office.

Do you offer delivery and/or retrieval to hotel, houses etc?

Yes! As long as the location is within 30 kilometres radius of either of our offices. All paperwork and payment must be arranged prior to delivery date/time – however we can make special allowances for last minute deliveries if we have the staff available.

A fee of $49.00 each way applies for hotel, houses etc deliveries and/or retrievals.

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