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Car Rental Western Australia

driving in western australia
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Car rental Western Australia

When it comes to car rental Western Australia, you need to be sure you’re getting your best option. Driving a different car on different roads can be a daunting experience to many so it’s important you get it right to make your holiday or business trip as stress free as possible. Not only do you need to get the right car for the journey and the roads you may hit, but you also have to consider who you will be driving and if you, as designated driver, can cater for the amount of people you will be taking and the rental vehicle they will require. Things to ask yourself before looking at car rental Western Australia:

Where am I going?

Firstly, make sure you have your travel itinerary at the ready. Not only will this be a great help when planning your journey or better organizing your holiday, it will give the car rental company a good indication of how far you plan to travel. Most car companies in Western Australia will want to know this information before you drive the car away to ensure you are staying within their areas of use. Certain areas may cost slightly more, or (should you want to travel slightly outside of WA for example) bespoke pricing packages could be made to suit your journey. This will also help you take into account the type of roads you will be driving on and how long you will be driving for – small elements of comfort like air conditioning or a sunroof will make all the difference if you have a long journey ahead of you or plan to hit a lot of traffic.

What car do I want to drive?

car rental in western australiaWhen driving around Western Australia, it’s very important to choose a rental car that you will feel comfortable driving. Picking a style of car that you have driven before is a bonus – this way you will not only feel much more comfortable (which is particularly handy on unfamiliar roads) but you will also be much more prepared when it comes to some of the cars features and abilities; does it have a sunroof? What is the gas mileage? What is the overall driving standard? Northside Rentals have plenty of quality vehicles in our fleet so even if you have not driven a particular make or model before, we are bound to find you something that you feel comfortable driving.  

Who am I travelling with?

The size of your fleet matters too! Are you driving solo or will you be taking the whole family? Taking young children is always requires extra preparation (fitting booster and child seats for example) but also you have to make sure you rent the right size car to suit your party. The Northside fleet ranges from small vehicles right through to mini-buses, so if you are taking a large group or going on a big family trip you have to make sure the designated driver is prepared and feels comfortable in the car that best suits your trip.

How much do I want to spend?

All of the above requirements will of course help you to calculate the overall cost of your car rental in Western Australia. It is important, however, to set yourself a realistic budget before hand. Take into account how long you will need to rent the car out for – are you renting a car just to take you to and from the airport? Or do you plan to do a week’s sight seeing in the car? Keeping your fuel costs to a separate budget to the car rental itself will also help you get a clearer view of your overall spends. After all, the most important thing when it comes to driving in Western Australia is that you feel comfortable and get the best experience possible with a car that is affordable, sustainable, predictable and of course reliable. Northside Rentals wants you to get the very best from your car rental package – to see what we can offer you, give us a call today on 1300 NSR CAR (677 227).

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