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When it comes to car hire in Perth, Northside Rentals has a comprehensive fleet of over 800 vehicles for hire, including compactintermediate and executive vehicles, 4WDs, and people carriers. Our fleet also includes commercial vehicles, such as trucks and vans, utilities vehicles, buses—and our selection is growing!

As well as general vehicles for hire, we offer mine-spec vehicles, equipment and corporate accounts.

When it comes to getting the best from a vehicle hire in Perth, it’s important to remember that you have real options. There are countless companies offering car hire in Perth, but none quite like Northside Rentals. Here, we believe you shouldn’t have to settle for less when it comes to getting a rental car in Perth.

Whether you’re looking to hire a vehicle from the Perth airport, or you’re looking for a very specific model, we are here to help!

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Finding Your Ideal Car Rental

There are a lot of things that you need to take into consideration when it comes to acquiring a rental vehicle. Where do you want to rent from? What kind of car do you want? What is your budget? How long will you be renting the vehicle?

At Northside Rentals, we take all of these important factors into consideration to help you get the best deal on car hire in Perth. When it comes down to it, it’s all about making sure that you don’t have to settle for less when it comes to getting the best type of vehicle at the best rates. You should be able to enjoy Perth, and all that it has to offer, regardless of if you’re here for business or pleasure.

Renting a vehicle is a great option for many different reasons. To become familiar with Perth and the surrounding area, the best option is to rent a car. This is because this option brings more convenience, privacy, and freedom. And with Northside Rentals, the process of Perth car hire is a simple experience!

Here are some things you’ll want to consider before renting:

Age Limits

This is one of the most forgotten factors, and it has made people pay quite a steep price. The majority of companies where you can rent a car in Perth require that one be at least 25 years old to drive the rental car. In the event that the driver is under 25 and fails to declare this, the rental company may decide to charge additional costs.

The best way to make sure that the additional charges are avoided is to read the terms and conditions of hiring the car and the age restrictions involved. If the company allows you to pay more to drive when under 25 years, consult on this and be aware of all the possible charges involved before signing the hire documents.

Mileage Restrictions

There are some companies where you can rent a car in Perth that restricts the number of kilometres that a client can cover whilst using their rental car. This needs to be researched, especially if the person hiring the car must drive quite some distance.

If the company has distance restrictions, the best thing is to see if the restrictions cover the area that you’re interested in. When all is said and done, the best firm to rent a vehicle from in Perth is one with excessive mileage allowances such as 100km per day and a small fee pre-arranged after that. Flexibility for the customer is key.

Pick Up and Drop Off Venues

It is also very important to look at where the rental company is located. Some companies allow you to rent a car in Perth but don’t provide any service to get you to that car. This can be a major headache, especially after a long flight. Finding this information out early will determine where you can pick up the rental car and drop it after the rental period is over. To rent a car in Perth and enjoy it, the best thing is to look for a rental company that is located at an airport, near the airport or provides a free pick up and drop off service to and from the airport.

This works very well, as all you do is pick up the vehicle once they arrive in Perth and drop it off at the same place when they depart. In addition, a firm that allows clients to drop off the car at a different location to the one that they picked it up at is always more appealing. They provide that extra bit of customer convenience should one decide to leave Perth via a different channel.

Type of Car Needed

The other thing that needs to be considered is what type of vehicle one needs. If you are looking to rent a car in Perth, there are rental companies that deal with only one type of car. These companies may not be of much help unless it deals with the type needed. Reputable, established companies enabling you to rent a car in Perth should have informative, easy to navigate websites to help customers view their services and range of quality hire vehicles.

Rental companies should always provide photos of the vehicles available, and an outline of prices and terms and conditions. The best way to rent a car in Perth is to look for a company that deals with many cars, as this will make it easier to find a specific type of car. In addition, such a firm serves many clients and this further assures quality service.

Getting the Rental Car for You

Don’t settle for less than the best for your rental car for hire needs! Make sure that you are keeping certain things in mind when picking the right rental car for you, such as gas mileage, car standards and abilities, and more. As you travel around Perth, you want to do so in a comfortable manner that is cheap, reliable, sustainable, and predictable. You want to make sure that your car rental also comes with certain features.

Some of the features you need to take into consideration when it comes to renting a car in Perth are things like comfort, having a sunroof, reputable damage cover, and more. It’s all about making sure that you get the best when it comes to your renting experience.

Also, consider your travel destinations. What type of roads will you be driving on? What sights do you want to see and who will be driving with you? It’s all about making the right decisions when it comes to getting the best in your car rental in Perth.

Airport Rentals

Perth is a commercial hub of the Australian continent. The travel industry is booming in the continent, and every year, millions of tourists visit Australia. The city of Perth boasts one of the country’s largest and busiest international airports.

The Perth Airport has four terminals covering international and domestic flights. International flights connect the continent to other parts of the world and domestic flights connect to other Australian cities. As a traveller, after getting into travel arrangements and accommodation, the next obvious thing that comes to mind on arrival could be about car hire at Perth Airport.

Northside Rentals is one of the largest, most reliable, and cost-effective vehicle rental providers in Perth. We have vehicles to suit the budgets of all potential customers in addition to outstanding customer service.

Renting a car in the city of Perth is the best way to travel around Perth and its neighbouring places. It gives you the highest level of mobility at your disposal. If you are looking for car hire at Perth Airport, Northside Rentals offers a range of options. Among the major car rental companies offering car hire at Perth Airport, we remain the popular choice among customers. We are recognized for providing an outstanding service in clean, comfortable cost-effective vehicles. We go the extra mile to ensure every single one of our clients realises all their motoring needs and expectations.

The salient features of car hire at Perth Airport with Northside Rentals are zero booking fees, guaranteed cheapest prices, instant confirmation, established and well-known car manufacturers, a variety of car options, free cancellation, amendments on most hire cars, and 24 hours customer service.

Successful car hire at Perth Airport starts a unique experience and begins your stay in our beautiful city the way it should be: relaxing, hassle-free, and easy. Here at Northside Rentals, we aim to make that a reality for every single one of our customers.

All of our vehicles are categorised to meet our customer’s individual requirements. Whether that’s compactpremium or luxury cars, we have them all at Northside.

As a newly arrived traveller, you can get your Northside Rentals booking made in advance by calling our Redcliffe office. We offer a free airport pick up service, ensuring you’re not left waiting for your car or struggling to locate a rental company. We simply pick you up at the door and take you to our office and finalise the appropriate paperwork. After we hand you the keys, you can be off to roam and explore in your quality rental vehicle.

Advanced bookings are the easiest way of ensuring a smooth experience when renting a vehicle in Perth. But don’t worry if you didn’t book in advance. Simply give us a call, and we will do our very best to get you on the road with the minimum amount of hassle.

At Northside Rentals, we make car hire at Perth Airport accessible to all travellers visiting Perth. In addition, our rental services are made economical, cost effective and simple. Whether you’re in a group or an individual requiring long-term or short-term rental, we have everything covered for your convenience.

To get the best out of Perth Airport car hire as a traveller, look no further than the number one choice for vehicle rental in Perth: Northside Rentals. You can enjoy the best car rental service at the best rates during any visit to Perth.

Our ability to provide all your requirements at amazing value, backed by outstanding customer service, makes renting a car to and from the Perth Airport easy, hassle-free and, most importantly, dependable.

Northside Rentals –  Your Ultimate Resource for Car Hire in Perth

Here at Northside Rentals, we are a Western Australian car hire company that has been in Perth for over 20 years.

At Northside Rentals, our aim is to provide friendly, efficient and quality car rentals and commercial rental services at competitive prices. We have branches conveniently located in Malaga, Greenwood, and in Redcliffe, very close to the Perth Airport.

All our rental vehicles are newer models, immaculately clean, and are serviced regularly. All our car rental agreements include ’24 Hour Roadside Assistance’ and ‘NIL Fault NIL Excess’ Standard Damage Cover.