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Best Beaches in WA

Best Beaches in WA
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1. Best Beaches in WA: Greens Pool & Elephant Cove, Denmark

WA's Best Beaches WA’s coastal swimming pool, Greens Pool is famous for it’s emerald waters and distinctive granite boulders. A worthwhile 4 ½ hour drive from Perth, Greens Pool is the perfect getaway, the drive from Denmark to the ocean winding through the dreamy forests of Denmark. Protected from the Southern Ocean by the distinctive boulders, the calm clear waters of Greens Pool are perfect for swimming, snorkelling and diving. While you’re there be sure to check out Elephant Cove. Just a short walk from Greens Pool, Elephant Cove is the fascinating formation of rocks that truly resemble a heard of elephants.

2. Best Beaches in WA: Lucky Bay, Esperance

Best Beaches in WA
Photo by Mandy Wilson
Australia’s whitest beach is one of WA’s most stunning coastal destinations. Located in Le Grand National Park, 40 minutes drive east from Esperance, Lucky Bay delivers the clearest turquoise waters, and an endless stretch of pristine white sand. Stunning views of the Recherche Archipelago set the backdrop of this beautiful beach, and there is even the possibility of the regulars (local kangaroos) joining you for their usual afternoon snooze. Lucky Bay is a stretch of paradise you won’t find anywhere else and is certainly worth the 8-hour drive from Perth. Stay overnight to experience breathtaking moonlight views of the bay, and visit between July and October for the chance to see migrating whales. Lucky Bay’s crystal clear waters offer one of the best swimming destinations in WA.

3. Best Beaches in WA: Shell Beach, Shark Bay

Best Beaches in WA WA’s most unique beach has to be Shell Beach in the Shark Bay World Heritage Area. Where other beaches offer pure white sand, Shell Beach is actually made up of trillions of tiny white shells! Shell Beach offers the ideal destination for beachcombing – the shells go as deep as 10 metres in some spots! With WA’s signature crystal clear waters accompanying this unique shoreline, Shell Beach is just another one of Australia’s beaches that is just perfect for a dip. One of only four shell beaches in the world, Shell Beach is a once in a lifetime destination and only a day’s drive from Perth.

4. Best Beaches in WA: Turquoise Bay, Exmouth

Best Beaches in WA   A dip in the pristine waters of WA’s Turquoise Bay will have you swimming just metres away from the marine life of Ningaloo Reef. World Heritage Listed, Ningaloo Reef is the closest coral reef to a continental landmass in the world. A popular snorkelling hotspot, Turquoise Bay is home to a unique current system that allows swimmers to catch the current from the southern end of the reef, and simply drift north to the sand bar, making snorkelling as easy as can be. A dip in the waters of Turquoise Bay will land you in one of the most biologically diverse marine environments in the world, with over 500 species of fish and coral gardens you won’t find anywhere else.

5. Best Beaches in WA: City Beach, Perth

Best Beaches in WA
One of Perth’s lesser-known beaches, City Beach has it all. The classic surf of Perth’s coast, is accompanied by a perfect stretch of white sand, with the added bonus of being less crowded than other Perth beaches. Ideal for the whole family, City Beach offers expansive grass areas ideal for an afternoon picnic or a quick game of cricket, and a playground to keep the kids entertained. Dotted with cafes and kiosks you can graze your way through the day, or settle down in one of the beachfront restaurants for a proper meal with a stunning view. An all round crowd pleaser, City Beach has to be your new favourite. If you do fancy a driving break, but you’re not sure if you car has the ‘legs’ or the space you need, you can always call us. Car hire isn’t just for interstate, or international visitors. For car hire in Perth, ask the company that knows Perth best, Northside Rentals.

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