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5 Reasons to Take the Family on a Road Trip

Sometimes we develop a negative idea of traveling all together by car (are we there yet?). But honestly, road tripping with the family is truly one of the most rewarding and beneficial ways to spend a holiday. When you’ve rented the right vehicle for your family and the right gear, road trips will absolutely create the best family memories, guaranteed. Here are at least 5 reasons why.

1. Quality Bonding Time

No type of holiday creates space for true quality bonding time like a long road trip, especially if you can have the discipline to keep the gadgets off. How often do you truly get uninterrupted opportunities to have real conversations with your children (or even your significant other, for that matter)? Time in the car will not only allow for unhindered conversation but will often inspire topics that would not otherwise usually come up. These are great times to learn more about who your kids actually are and how they think. Also, there is no better time to share your own childhood stories with your kid than road trips. You can tell them about your family’s holiday habits and rituals and give your kids a better glimpse into your history. All in all, it means unhindered conversing and bonding time, which, in today’s world, is desperately needed.

2. Opens the Door for Discovery

Another fantastic opportunity you won’t get by flying is the opportunity to discover things along the way. Whether it be hole-in-the-wall restaurants with amazing food, or an overpass with a jaw-dropping view of a valley or waterfall, you will discover things along the way that you would have otherwise missed. During road trips, discovering new places or unexpected features are often what create memories that really last. It gives opportunity for the unexpected surprises, and these almost always end up better than what was planned, or at least sticking out more. Don’t close the door on spontaneity and discovery – these are what make memories and bonds that last a life-time.

3. Allows for Creativity

Road trips also open the door for creativity, especially when you keep the tech gadgets turned off. No doubt, you and the kids will have lots of time on your hands as you drive along, and sometimes, they will want more to do than just talk or look out their window. But boredom is what gives way to creativity and ingenuity. You can create new games, sing songs or make up new ones, tell stories, and see whose is the best. Again, coming up with new games, songs, stories, and activities as a family are what will make those lasting memories and truly create strong family bonds.

4. Develops Travel Skills

There is no better opportunity to teach certain skills than when you take the time to travel (and we don’t mean from point A to point B via plane). Make sure you get an actual road map (don’t just use your phone) and teach your kids how to identify where you are and where you are going. Show them how to read a map and all the possible routes to get to your destination(s). It’s also a great time to teach them how to identify what direction they are traveling in, as well as general “street smarts” and etiquette about traveling. When your children reach adulthood and need or want to travel, they will be much more empowered having learned to do it with you when they were growing up. They will also be much more likely to have the courage to travel on their own than if they never had as kids.

5. No Limits

The final benefit we will mention here is perhaps the greatest: road trips mean no limits. No itinerary, no guide, no schedule set by anyone but yourselves. Enjoying a certain area way more than you thought? Discovered an attraction you had no idea existed and want to stay longer? Then you can! Did one of the kids find something on the map they really want to see in person? Go check it out! Did one destination end up disappointing? Hit the road and find something better. A part of why this is so great is that it is also another way you get to work together and bond as a family. Let everyone play a part in choosing stops and activities along the way. Make it a true family vacation in the sense that every member of the family participated in deciding on the destinations.

Ready to Roll?

If you and the family need a quality holiday, there’s no reason to wait. Road trips just need the right vehicle and your family. If you need the right vehicle to take your family adventuring, Northside Rentals has the perfect car or people carrier for hire. Give us a call today to get your road trip ready to roll.

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