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4 Forests & State Parks You MUST See When Visiting Perth

If you live in or plan to visit Perth, WA, you are probably familiar with the capital city’s numerous attractions. As the most populous city in the state and one of the most populous in the entire country, there is no shortage of entertainment and things to do and see in the coastal city. But if you need to get away, or if outdoor adventures are more your style, there is plenty of that to be had within fairly easy drives of Perth as well. Some of Australia’s most spectacular forests and parks are within just an hour or two’s drive and can provide an endless variety of activities, sights, and sounds. The following are what we consider to be the top 4 must-see forests and parks while you are in Perth.

1. John Forrest National Park

It only seems fitting that the first stop on our list is Western Australia’s very first national park (second in the entire country). John Forrest National Park has been in existence to some degree since 1898. Located in the Darling Range and only 24 km east of Perth, the park boasts quite a bit of history, including railway history, as well as wildlife and waterfalls. An excellent destination for light hikes, the park is home to both the National Park Falls and the Hovea Falls. It has numerous trails throughout, including the Railway Reserves Heritage Trail, John Forrest Heritage Trail, Glen Brook Walk Trail, and the Eagle View Walk Trail. While enjoying your scenic walk, be prepared to encounter some of Australia’s most iconic citizens: kangaroos!

2. Beedelup National Park

Set in the beautiful Karri forest region, the Beedelup National Park will provide hours of adventure amidst breath-taking nature. Beedelup Falls, springtime wildflowers, and the enormous trees are just some of the things that will inspire. The park boasts numerous walking trails, one of which goes through the 400-year-old “Walk through Karri” tree. This ancient giant has a manmade tunnel cut through it, allowing visitors to stand inside. If you want to find the perfect picnic spot to relax, make your way to Beedelup Lake. While in the park, don’t miss the opportunity to climb up the Gloucester Tree, the world’s tallest lookout tree used to spot fires. This will provide you a view of the surrounding forest unlike any other, and you will be amazed at how massive these ancient trees grow. While this park may be 4 full hours away from Perth, it is worth the drive. There is much to see and do.

3. Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk

Just another half-hour south of Beedelup National Park rests the Walpole-Nornalup National Park as well as the Walpole Wilderness Area. The region is famous for Australia’s tingle trees – some of the world’s tallest trees. This park is a must-see specifically because of its unique Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk – a trail through the tops of these rare trees. The walk takes visitors 40 metres up to the very top of these massive trees and meanders 600 metres into the forest. Nowhere else in the world is there such a trail, and nowhere else on earth can you even see these ancient tingle trees. If you want to know what it’s like to live in the tree tops and get a better grasp of how truly tall these giants are, don’t miss out on the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk and the Walpole-Nornalup National Park.

4. Porongurup National Park

If the plains, bush, and rocks are more to your taste, then head to Porongurup National Park, about 4 hours from Perth and 40 minutes outside of Albany. At Porongurup, you will see beautiful vistas of the plains and bush, filled to the brim with native flora and fauna. There are over 750 species of native plants, including wattles, bluebells, Banksia, dryandras, and more. Birds are plentiful as well, including yellow and scarlet robins, rufous treecreepers, as well as wallabies and grey kangaroos. Besides the flowers and wildlife of the bush, you will also enjoy the granite dome formations rising 670 metres above the ground. These formations are excellent for rock climbing, and some trails take visitors up into them as well. Best of all, Karri trees are still to be found within this park, if you want to take refuge beneath their shade for a while.

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