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Visit the 7 Wonders of Western Australia

The Kimberleys, WA
If you’re making a Bucket List of places to visit in Western Australia, these 7 wonders aren’t a bad place to start. 1. Twilight Beach 1. Twilight Beach crop Arguably one of the most beautiful natural beaches in the world; I’ve never seen a photo that can really do justice to the place. Set just outside the town of Esperance, on the Southern coast of WA, Twilight is marked by the distinctive ‘hole rock’ a couple hundred meters off the beach. If you’re daring enough, you can swim out to the rock and jump off. Esperance is an 8-hour drive from Perth if you take the in-land route, but it’s well worth the journey. More info: 2. Pink Lake 2. Pink Lake Pink Lake is another gem just outside of Esperance, about 3 kilometres west. The colour is thought to be the result of beta-carotene accumulation in the green alga due to increased salinity. The lake isn’t always pink though; it requires certain temperature and light conditions so you’ve got to time your visit in Western Australia well. 3. Wave Rock 3. Wave Rock Wave rock is a world-famous granite cliff about 15 meters high and 110 meters long. It’s located outside of Hyden, which is a 4-hour drive east of Perth. There are walking tours available, which will take you around the entire Hyden Rock and to some of the other nearby sights such as Hippos Yawn and The Humps. More info: 4. The Pinnacles 4. The Pinnacles crop The Pinnacles are limestone structures set in an idyllic desert landscape of Nambung National Park, the oranges and browns are starkly contrasted by the deep blue of the Indian Ocean, which borders the park on one side. Surprisingly, these wonders can be only 2 and a half hours North of Perth and are a must see when you visit Western Australia. More info: 5. The Bungle Bungles 5. The Bungle Bungles 2 These beehive-striped rock formations are located in Purnululu National Park in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. They were only ‘discovered’ by tourists in the early 1980’s but have become one of the region’s major attractions over the last few decades. There is lots of opportunity for hiking, camping and 4WD-ing as well as the option to book a scenic flight over the range. More info: 6. Horizontal Waterfalls 6. Horizontal Waterfalls Also in the Kimberley region the Horizontal Waterfalls, or the “Horries”, are a natural phenomenon caused by tidal movements between two twin passages, which cause the water to funnel through like a waterfall. It’s best observed in a scenic flight but it’s also possible to take a boat tour through the passes on the slack tide. More info: 7. Karijini National Park 7. Karijini National Park Karijini would be likely to take out the award for most beautiful place to visit in Western Australia; it’s certainly tough to find a bad picture of this place. Although quite far from Perth it’s worth the journey to see picture perfect gorges sunken amongst rolling plains of Australian bush. More info:   If you do fancy a driving break, but you’re not sure if you car has the ‘legs’ or the space you need, you can always call us. Car hire isn’t just for interstate, or international visitors. For car hire in Perth, ask the company that knows Perth best.

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