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5 Tips for Keeping Kids Entertained on Road Trips:

Keeping Kids Entertained On Road Trips
In the age of the iPad there is no end to the digital entertainment, movies, tv shows and game apps, that one can provide to keep kids occupied on those longer drives, just remember to stock up your iPad with movies and games that don’t require wifi before you hit the road. But if you want to take a much needed break from technology, here a few tips to keep the kids entertained on road trips:
1. Backseat art projects:
Whilst crayons and markers can be messy to bring in the car, there are still some great no-mess creative options. My favourites are this DIY felt board  and homemade gak. If your kids are a bit older then a find travel set of pencils and a drawing book that can be stored in a single package.
2. Interactive games:
2. Interactive Games Get the whole family playing along with some timeless road-trip games; I-Spy and 20 Questions will keep them distracted for at least an hour. A good list of the old favourites can be found here. My family used to love trying to catch each other out with the most obscure I-Spy we could spot.
3. Nurture the budding photographer:
3. Budding Photographer It is easy to find cheap second-hand digital cameras online, and the kids will love having the ability to document moments along the journey. Who knows, you might even be raising the next Instagram aficionado.
4. Cartography for kids:
4. Cartography for Kids Make an interactive map for them to follow the journey on. Print out a page from Google maps, stick it in a plastic sheet and then allow the kids to plot out the journey using markers, spice things up and pretend it’s a treasure map, with treats and rewards being “dug up” at notable milestones in the journey.
5. Catch the Zzz’s:
5. Catch the Zzz's Bring a couple of nice big pillows in the car and you’re guaranteed to get at least a couple of hours of quiet time. A great tactic is to leave early in the morning – 5am – and the kids will usually sleep for the first few hours of the journey. If you do fancy a driving break, but you’re not sure if you car has the ‘legs’ or the space you need, you can always call us. Car hire isn’t just for interstate, or international visitors. For car hire in Perth, ask the company that knows Perth best, Northside Rentals.

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