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How Fuel Cards Can Save Money

Fuel Card tips
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How Fuel Cards Can Save Money for your Business

With rising fuel prices fleet managers are always on the lookout for ways to save costs. Fuel Cards are one of the best ways to get the most out of your fleet budget as well as offering added convenience, control and data; here are some of the positive and negatives of using them. Fuel Cards: The upsides
  • Discounts on fuel and other purchases
  • Level III transaction data: odometer capture, fuel type, cost per unit, vehicle data, etc. for easier cost reporting
  • Point of sale security and controls
  • Centralised billing with online account and expense management
  • Fleet fuel reporting capabilities
  • Most offer a toll free 24/7 service
Fuel Cards: The downsides
  • Some fuel cards restrict the amount on which you can collect the discount each month
  • Single brand fuel cards can be inconvenient if the driver needs to search for a specific merchant.
  • Separate to corporate card, but does provide much more reporting and fleet management capabilities

Fuel Cards: What are the options?

Universal Fuel Cards:

Universal fuel cards offer the flexibility of all brands in the convenience of a single card. Wex Motorpass Australia’s largest supplier of fuel cards, accepted at over 90% of service stations. Customisable options include repairs and maintenance, tyres and accessories, parking, taxis and even accommodation. The website is fully equipped for online account management and even has a helpful fuel savings calculator. Fleet Card Accepted at 90% of all fuel stations. Options include: carwash, service, repairs and parts but it does not cover shop purchases. They have online account management but the site is a little more dated. Motorcharge Accepted at 90% of fuel market. Can add: Service, repairs, tyres and accessories, and even roadside assistance. No online management but billing can be done via eStatements. EasyFuel Offers a smaller network but with a large variety of extra discounts including fresh food, general retail, hardware, health and beauty, hotel/motel, and entertainment, and alcohol. Best fuel card for small business, individuals and families.

Brand-specific Fuel Card Providers:

FleetCare They offer fuel cards for BP, Shell and Caltex under one fleet management system. Options include repairs and servicing, roadside assistance, accident management, registration & infringements, insurance. The comprehensive option for larger fleets. Cardplus Shell-only stations. Offers flybuys benefits and a fixed discount on pump price. BP Plus For the extra tech-saavy BP offers online management and even an App. Options: shop, carwash, diner, service and repairs, tyres, batteries and parts. Shell Card Online management and options include: shop, car wash and services. StarCard & StarFleet – Caltex Tailored fuel cards for businesses of all sizes. Fuel, maintenance management and shopping. PumaCard – Gull and Puma Limited reach but they have an App and Online card management system. Contact us for all your vehicle hiring needs on 1300 677 227 or email today.

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