There are instances when you will need to move bulky goods or move from one home to another. When this happens, you have the options of seeking the services of moving or transit companies, using your personal or family vehicle or hiring a truck. View our moving trucks which you can drive with standard licence or view our specialist trucks including tipper trucks, watercarts, fuel trucks and service trucks.

When moving over long distances and moving bulky goods, using a family vehicle becomes costly and difficult respectively and seeking the services of transit companies although it is expedient, it becomes relatively costly. The best option you have is to hire a truck, which is both convenient and pocket friendly owing to the efficiency of accomplishing the task and you only pay for services you require. So, if you want to move things into, outside or within Perth, there certain factors you need to consider when hiring a truck and they include

1. The reputation of the truck hire company

There are numerous truck hire companies that offer truck hire services in Perth and it is important that you identify the company that not only offers the best truck hire services, but also which has the best deals and prices. Other than comparing the various companies offering truck hire in Perth, you can read customer reviews in their websites and seek referrals and recommendations from family and friends.

2. Cost of hiring a truck

The cost of hiring a truck is the most important factor when you decide to truck hire in Perth. This is because cost of hiring will influence if you will hire a truck or seek other options.

To ensure you have the cost right, find out from the truck hiring company their rates for moving to various locations, fuel charges, cost of insurance for moving locally, charges per mile and base rental cost.

It is crucial you identify the hidden charges such as taxes to ensure that you do not spend more than you budgeted for.

To ensure you do not pay additional money to cover waiting time, pack your things and get them ready for loading prior to hiring the truck.

It can be a cost-cutting measure to find out if there are days of the week that are cheaper than others; there are companies that offer deals during certain days of the week, which you can capitalize on especially if you are moving over a long distance.

Carryout price comparisons among companies offering truck hire in Perth, to choose the company that fits your bill.

3. Truck Size and Type

In most instances, truck hire in Perth is charged per mile and it makes more sense for you to make limited number of trips especially for short-distance moves. One way of achieving this is hiring a truck with sufficient space to accommodate all the goods at a go, thus reducing the overall cost. In case you are making long-distance move, find a relatively large truck to ensure you only make one trip. At Northside Rentals we have a fleet of trucks ranging from mini to large removal trucks, flatbed trucks and tipper trucks.

4. Mileage

There are truck hire companies that have mileage limit, restricting how far the trucks can move while majority of them do not provide one-way moves. As a result, it is crucial that you find out about this prior to hiring a truck. You do not want to a hire a truck that cannot move you to where you want to go or if it does, you are forced to incur extra cost.

5. Company policy on fuelling and damages

When you decide to hire a truck in Perth, you may need to read the fine print and understand the company’s policies on gas fill up and damages. Usually, you may be required to return the truck fully fuelled and failure to which, you attract penalties/fines. On the other hand, examine what the policy is on damages. If your insurance cannot cover damages on a hired truck, it is wise to pay loss damage waiver coverage given by the truck hiring company.

Finding the right truck to hire that meet and even exceed your trucking needs, expectations and preference in Perth is not an easy feat. However, taking these factors into account is your first step towards having pleasant experiences hiring a truck. Remember, making ample preparations such as packing prior to hiring a truck can not only save your dollars but also allow you to move in ease.

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