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Explore WA: Top 5 Places to Journey in Geraldton

Explore WA
A 4-5 hour cruise north of the city will land you in the serene costal town of Geraldton. Not only does the area contain a bounty of gorgeous beaches, bushland as well as other natural wonders, but also a rich and interesting history to discover. This is one location well worth a stop over.

Explore WA: Town Beach

Explore WA Loved by both locals and tourists alike, the recent development of Town Beach has properly showcased the gorgeous Geraldton foreshore. The area features surreal and thought provoking public art pieces, a playground that will make you wish you were a kid again, plenty of food and drink outlets as well as shaded sails and seating. The whole area also acts as a fantastic vantage point to take in the breathtaking surroundings including bright sandy beaches and sparkling clear water.

Explore WA: HMAS Sydney II Memorial

Explore WA Instantly recognisable and deeply meaningful is the HMAS Sydney II memorial, which is a striking reminder of the 645 sailors who lost their lives during its sinking in WW2. The site itself features many symbolic pieces including the Dome of Souls, the Pool of Remembrance and the Eternal Flame. To get the most out of the experience it is highly recommended that you arrive by 10:30am as volunteers give daily tours that explain the whole story behind the memorial. For more info see:

Explore WA: Lavender Valley Farm

Explore WA If you find yourself searching for a tranquil place to stop and enjoy a good meal then look no further than Lavender Valley Farm. The farm is frequently used for functions such as weddings and looking around it’s not hard to see why. Long stretching fields of lavender make for a serene and peaceful vista to sit back, relax and let all your troubles melt away . . . preferably with a nice cup of tea in hand. For more info see:

Explore WA: Oakabella Homestead

Explore WA A stay in Geraldton would not be complete without a stop into Oakabella Homestead. The property has had only three sets of owners since its construction in 1851 and is steeped in a rich and often times dark history. Tours are held three times a day, which offer valuable insight into the property as well as the alleged haunted nature surrounding it (the site has been named one of Australia’s most haunted locations). If the thought of ghosts and ghouls gives you the heebie jeebies, fear not. The sweeping countryside alone is well worth the trip as well as the on location Country Kitchen and Teahouse so that you may enjoy your stay in air-conditioned comfort. For more info see:

Explore WA: Coalseam Conservation Park

Explore WA Before you pack up the car and head back to the city for the daily grind make sure you stop in to Coalseam Conservation Park. Although formally housing the first coal mine in WA the site now attracts visitors young and old who flock to see the lush natural wonder of the region, specifically the sprawling ‘carpets’ of wildflowers. In addition to that there are also a multitude of fossils to be found embedded in the banks of the Irwin River, leftover from when the site was once part of the Permian sea. For more info see: If you do fancy a driving break, but you’re not sure if you car has the ‘legs’ or the space you need, you can always call us. Car hire isn’t just for interstate, or international visitors. For car hire in Perth, ask the company that knows Perth best, Northside Rentals.

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