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Car Hire: 7 Tips for long road trips

Car hire

Car Hire: 7 Tips for getting through long road trips

Our beautiful state is rather vast so if you’re planning to go just about anywhere it’s likely going to be quite a distance. Here’s how to beat the boredom of the long drive:

Car Hire: 1. Listen to Audio Books

Car hire The concept might sound a little lame at first but, really, audio books are AWESOME. I used to do quite a lot of long-distance driving and a good novel really makes the time fly by. In the past I’d hire disk sets from my local library but nowadays it’s so easy to download them directly to your phone from iTunes or, it’s a great time-saver, especially when you only remember 10 minutes before departure, as I usually do.  

Car Hire: 2. Bring snacks

Car hire Whilst it’s tempting to stock up on crisps and chocolate for the drive I know from experience that the whole journey will be a great deal more pleasant if you bring healthy fruit and nuts to nibble on in the car.  

Car Hire: 3. Wet wipes are your new best friend

Car hire You’ll be surprised how many new uses you suddenly discover for these things. Not only are they the easiest option when it comes to wiping your hands after some sticky nibbles but they also work as a quick clean up for any accidental spills, they are great mini sweat towels for you face, and other parts, when the Aussie heat gets a bit too much.  

Car Hire: 4. Map the way!

Car hire Go old school and get yourself a proper paper map for those long drives. Not because you necessarily need it, GPS systems are pretty reliable these days, but because there is something deeply satisfying about sketching your route out in physical form. You’ll feel an extra sense of accomplishment when you arrive at your destination.  

Car Hire: 5. Lots of Water

Car hire In Australia it’s particularly important to bring enough water with you on any long drive, guidelines generally recommend about two large bottles per person, but I would err on the cautious side and bring more. Whilst it is highly unlikely to happen, if you get stranded out in the bush you need to have enough water to survive on until help arrives.  

Car Hire: 6. Slow Down, Enjoy the scenery

Car hire Stick to the speed limit, you’ll be safer and you’ll also get more opportunity to absorb the striking WA landscape.

Car Hire: 7. Rest Stops, ditch the truck stops

Car hire Too many people approach a drive as a way to get from A to B, and forget to experience the journey itself. Some of my best childhood memories are from the impromptu bush picnics I had with my family when we were on long drives. My dad always insisted on finding us an interesting spot to rest and have lunch. In my opinion this is one of the best ways to experience the quintessential Australian outback.

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